Playing  guitar & bass with legendary NYHC band The Mob, Christopher "Monk" Hackett is now front & center with a  whole new sound in Monk & the 66.  Mixing up a Retro Indie brew of Rock, Soul, Dub & Psychedelia,  Monk brings an old school DIY approach to his favorite covers and originals, enjoying the immediacy  achieved by working in Single & EP formats. 

MonkSounds Episode 3

MonkSounds Episode 2

MonkSounds Episode 1

Catch Christopher as the Featured Guest of Actor / Producer / PodCast Host Marcos Luis in a OneMicNight Artist Session Podcast.

IN the works...

Christopher has been hard at work on the first Monk & the 66 EP titled "Pain of Love".  2 tracks  getting finishing touches are "Pain of Love" and "Gone with the wind is my love".

My Latest release, Like A Man On The  Moon, streaming on Apple Music & Spotify

2022 MonkSounds


Like A Man On The Moon

I've Been Riding With The Ghost